Dorris Okudinia The Nurse Who Pushed A Patient On A Wheelchair To Hospital Three kilometres Away Voted Nurse Of Year

Dorris Okuninia the nurse whose photo went viral on internet after pushing a patient on a wheel chair to Arua hospital for about 3 kilometres has today been awarded the ‘Nurse of the year’.

As the world marked the International Day for Nurses, Okudinia was awarded the Nurse of the Year award by The Nurses Union in Uganda.

It all started on April 11, 2020, when a photo of a nurse pushing a patient on a wheelchair to the hospital went viral on social media. The nurse, who was later identified as Dorris Okudinia received a lot of praise for her selflessness and heroics she exhibited in order to save a life.

The patient on the wheelchair had been referred from Ediofe Health Center III in Pajulu Sub-country to Arua Hospital but there was no ambulance or any other means of transport at that time as the district task force couldn’t respond to calls for help immediately.

The photo of Dorris Okudinia wheeling a patient was widely shared on social media.  

With time running out and the patient’s condition worsening, the jolly 26-year-old nurse decided to push the patient on a wheelchair for a distance of approximately three kilometers as to receive the much needed medical attention.

Unfortunatley the patient later passed on as the the nurses’ heroic action made news especially on social media.

Although she was later threatened by authorities for actions which were thought to have embarrassed them, the public generally appreciated the young nurse and even Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Acieng personally praised her for being selfless and exemplary and given an appreciation gift.

In addition, she was also awarded a scholarship to upgrade to a diploma in Nursing on May 2, 2020, by Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, through the Ministry of Health as well as several other projects in recognition of her.

Minister Ruth Aceng appreciated the nurse for her good work.

Her work ethic and passion can inspire many youth who tend to despise some kinds of jobs and think of only ‘get rich quick schemes. We therefore join the rest of the country in applauding and also congratulating Okudinia upon this achievement.



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