Douglas Lwanga Advises Youths About Drugs

Photo by Habre/Chano8

Following what happened to former Radio City and NTV presenter Dave Dash, where he was seen running naked on the street of one of the suburbs of Kampala, Douglas Lwanga has come out and condemned youths to stop using drugs.

The Beat presenter came out and said that many people including artistes are falling prey to drug abuse and that this is the right time to talk about it.

He added that artistes think drugs make them more talented and wealthier which isn’t the case. “Drugs don’t make you more talented. They don’t make you more wealthy. They rob you of your real self and give you false hope.”

The former Katogo presenter on record TV further advised everyone who has been abusing drugs to visit rehabilitation facilities before the situation gets out of hand as it’s the only hope for change.  

“Don’t cut your life short. Stay Focused. And to those bringing in these drugs to the country and supplying them to artists and innocent youth well you are making money but you will be answerable one day to all this. REPENT.” He concluded.

Douglas Lwanga has some advice against abusing drugs


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