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Dr Hilderman Names His Newborn Son After Bobi Wine

Musician Dr Hilderman is now more interested in politics much more than music. Perhaps he is following into the footsteps of Bobi Wine but before the next elections where he is going to run for Mawokota Member of Parliament, Hilderman has something more to concentrate on.

The ‘Amelia’ singer is a dad and received the bundle of joy a few hours ago and surprisingly, he has decided to name his son Bobi, after Kyaondo East member of Parliament Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“Welcome to the world my son. I have today named you BOBI CRISTON WOKOTA. Be a man of courage like the great man I have named you after,” Hilderman posted.

Proud Father: Dr Hilderman with his new baby boy he name Bobi

He adds that he himself was born from a great family in Mawokota which also makes his son a ‘Mawokotanian’.

“Like your name WOKOTA, let it be a password to remind you that you are a born of this great land, work towards making it a better land always. God bless you my son always.” He added

However what is not clear is whether Hilderman who came onto the music scene with his song ‘Mazongoto’ is also taking the direction of opposition which rides on the ‘people Power’ philosophy that Bobi Wine introduced. He is known to be a staunch NRM supporter after he campaigned for Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde in the past.

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