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Dr Jose Chameleone Back With Double Collabo


‘Wale Wale’ was one of the songs that did pretty well for Heavy Weight and music doctor Jose Chameleone the year 2015. 2016, after the ‘Tubonga Naawe’ project that had him busy until the general elections day on the 18th of last month, He is now back with a double collabo with artistes Bob Junior  from Tanzania and Konshens from Jamaica. We are good to say that it’s a Uganda, Tanzania, Jamaica connection.

We contacted Chameleone for a comment and this is what he had to say. “ It’s great working with people from different parts of the world. The songs were supposed to come with videos at once but I had to clear my stock since I am heading to a year of production break. So I had to release these ones to create space for the coming ones.”


Dr Jose Chameleone back with double collabo

Chameleone’s recent collabo tune with Tanzania’s Bob Junior entitled ‘Baki Nae’, a Kiswahili language word meaning ‘Keep or remain with him or her’, is a love song that was produced by Bob Junior himself at Sharo Baro Records in Tanzania. It basically calls upon people to hold on to their lovers and neglect listening to and being moved by hear says in their love affairs. Bob introduces the first verse singing that he can’t ever leave the love of himself no matter what people say about her.

bob jr

Tanzania’s Bob Junior who did a song with Chameleone

Chameloene also comes in the second verse where he adds that people should love their loved ones, stay with them and don’t let haters make them lose the beauty their loved ones have.

The ‘Wale Wale’ singer also has a song with Jamaica’s Konshens entitled ‘Need Love’. This is a dancehall song that was produced by Kays after the first one the two recorded, crashed in studio. However, in the song , Chameleone sings about how he likes the way the girl in his dreams, whines and goes down. He is also attracted by the way the girl shakes her hips. Konshens is heard in the second verse singing lyrics like man is for woman and that is God’s programme, Whether the woman is an African or  a Jamaican, love is all they need


Jamaica’s Konshens

Listen to ‘Baki Nae’ by Chameleone featuring Bob Junior from Tanzania.


Listen to ‘Need Love’ by Chameleone featuring Konshens below

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