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Dr Jose Chameleone Endorses ‘Life Of Bebe Cool Concert’

With less than 30 days to the Life Of Bebe Cool concert that’s slated for 5th August 2016 at Kampala Serena Hotel, a lot is for sure expected and according to what the Big Size has so far promised, this concert will definitely be legendary. 

Self Proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone who recently had a successful US tour endorsed Bebe Cool’s concert. The ‘Agataako’ singer personally met Bebe at the Industrial Area based Club Play on Friday where the two hanged together. “Bebe Cool is my brother and brothers have to support each other. It is my humble request to all our fans to come out in big numbers and attend the show,” Jose Chameleone told Chano8.


Chameleone endorses Bebe Cool’s concert


Bebe Cool who had earlier hosted Journalists at a press conference where he briefed them on what is expected come the 5th of August, was rather too excited when Chameleone backed his show. It was a true definition of brotherhood.


Bebe Cool (left) and Chameleone at Club Play

“I would like to thank my sponsors for the trust and belief in me. As usual, my concert is always the best and it always parks so I must congratulate you for accepting this one because I can see a parked press conference meaning that the people are ready for the concert,” Bebe Cool told the press.


Bebe Cool speaking at the press conference on Friday

The Life of Bebe Cool concert is going for 100,000 ordinary and 5 million for VVIP and tickets are already on sale at Liquid Silk located in Bugolobi.

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