Drama As French President Emmanuel Macron Is Slapped By A Man In Public

In case you are a president, what would be your reaction if a person slapped you hard in the face while interacting with the crowd? 

Drama ensued on Tuesday afternoon after French president Emmanuel Macron was slapped hard in the face by a man in the crowd as he interacted with the public during a visit to the southeast part of France .

The incident is shown in viral videos recorded at different angles and posted on social media.

According the video clip we came across, His Excellency Macron is seen walking towards the crowd of waiting people standing behind barricades. As he approaches them, he then greets then “bonjour” before drawing so closer to them. At that time, that is when this man in the crowd got a chance, raised his hand and slapped him on his left cheek.

In a flash of micro seconds, the security team pulls away the president to the opposite direction as onlookers shout in surprise.

It said that later, the man who slapped Macron and two other guys who were accompanying him were arrested and put in Police custody for the violence against the president. He (man who slapped the president) will  will appear before a judge in a fast-track trial on today Thursday.

Meanwhile, Macron’s biggest political opponent Marine Le Pen condemned the physical attack on the president as “unacceptable”

“We can attack him politically but any violence against him should be condemned in a democracy” She said at a press conference on Tuesday

Macron was slapped as he had gone to meet Restaurant owners in that area ahead of Wednesday’s easing of the restrictions brought about by Covid19 spread in France

It should be remembered that Macron is not first the French politician to be slapped in the face while engaging the crowd. Former French Prime Minister 2014-2016 Manuel Valls who was at the time the left-wing candidate in the presidential primary  was slapped by a man while on a  visit in Lamballe in Brittany, France.

Watch the video of the man slapping French president below

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