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Drama As Mart Barber Exposes Bebe Cool Over Unpaid Haircuts

Did you know that for some unknown reason(s), some male musicians owe a lot of money to their barbers ?

One would wonder and ask. Why don’t they pay their barbers? This is a story for another day but if famous city barber Mart Barber’s claims are ones to go by then veteran singer is among those musicians we are talking about in the first paragraph.

Mart who apparently has been Bebe Cool’s barber for a long time was heard in a trending video clip from his interview with NBS Uncut TV show claiming that Bebe is allegedly ill mannered and also owes him money amount to Ug Shs 3 million (USD 811) that has been accumulating for 6 months

Mart who further claims that after several attempts to ask for the money but in vain decided to forget about about it cleared that air that that is the reason him and the ‘Wire Wire’ singer fell out.

“I would say Bebe Cool is ill mannered. He is not a good man. He can cannot come here anymore because of the things he did to me thus our fall out.”   Mart told NBS Uncut in an interview at his salon.

Mart didn’t hesitate to say that musicians love living expensive lifestyles but maintaining is a bitter pill for them to swallow which was one of the reasons he decided to forgive him of the Shs 3 million he (Bebe Cool) owes hm

“They love an expensive life but they cannot maintain it. One can come for a hairdo at Ug Shs 50,000 but next time he will want to trick you by saying he will post you on social media. Bebe Cool would just come and I shave his hair but you could ask for money and even get tired. He is stupid” Disappointed Mart added

Meanwhile, this matter has given birth to a mayhem especially on social media, with lots of users being on Mart’s side and making fun of Bebe Cool

Watch Mart Barber exposing musician Bebe Cool


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