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Drama As Promoters Abitex And Balaam Fight For A Microphone At Press Conference

From the time kick boxers Golola Moses and Umar Semata faced off at a fight where Semata emerged winner in October 2018, Golola has never been satisfied. He has been anxiously waiting for the day of the rematch which he asked for, days after the match.

His request was heard by two promoters Balaam Barugahara and Abitex Musinguzi who organized the rematch dubbed ‘The Century Fight’ slated for the 3rd of August at Freedom City located in Namasuba along Entebbe Road.

On Tuesday, a press conference to shade light on what is expected come D-day was organised but it was full of nothing but Drama as promoters Balaam who is sponsoring Semata and Abitex who is promoting Golola fought for a microphone as they addressed the journalists in attendance.

It was a battle of words as both promoters tried to tell the journalists of what each others’ boxer has to offer.

“I came with my fighter Moses Golola and he also came with his fighter Semata. We organised a fight which is going to be a historical one Ugandans are anticipating to watch. Balaam can’t organise it because I am the one who has Golola and he is the one who has Semata” Abitex said

In reaction, Balaam said “I can assure you Abitex that  they are going to beat your man  together with you”. No sooner had he completed his statement, than Abitex stood up in an attempt to take the microphone away from him but unfortunately he didn’t succeed as Balaam pushed his hands away and continued with his speech.

As if that was not was not enough, during another round of speech for Abitex as he belittled Balaam’s fighter Golola, Balaam was seen attempting to grab the microphone from him but he wasn’t allowed by Abitex who held on to it and slapped his hand away, before abruptly moving away without conclusion.

Watch the video of promoters Abitex and Balaam fighting for the microphone here

This fight has already created the fear of missing out in the fans of both kick boxers who await to see who the winner will be especially after Golola and his fans claimed that Semata was cheated for in their previous match.


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