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Drama As Sheilah Gashumba Covers Up “God’s Plan” Tattoo With New One

  • When they were still a lovey-dovey couple, Sheilah Gashumba got her boyfriend’s name “God’d Plan” inked on her skin
  • Their close to three years ‘lavish’ relationship came to an abrupt end, even after “trying so hard to make it work out”
  • Sheilah got inked again on the same spot to cover up the tattoo

Love makes lovers do many things to satisfy its calling although many times, they end up regretting when it’s late and they have already broken up with their partners.

One of the many things TV presenter, socialite and commercial model Sheilah Gashumba ‘ought to have done under the influence’ of the then too much love for her boyfriend God’s Plans, is having his name inked on her skin.

With all the comfort to assume that maybe the Gash Glam Store CEO may not have (at the time of getting inked) bore in mind that in case of a break up, erasing the tattoo off her skin was going to turn into a tall order for her.

It became very unfortunate that their close-to-three-years ‘lavish’ relationship came to an abrupt end, even after “trying so hard to make it work out” as said by God’s Plan – real name Ali Marcus Lwanga.

That left aside, one thing that has ‘been tormenting’ motor-mouthed political analyst Frank Gashumba’s daughter  has been the fact that after their bitter-breakup, she still had the name ‘God’s Plan’ inked on her back, although she has now covered it up.

Given that tattoos are permanent, with a processes of erasing one rare and quite expensive, Sheilah got inked yet again on the same spot (slightly below her rear neck) and covering the old tattoo with a fresh one of angel wings.

The tattooist did a good job of completely covering the old tattoo and  she currently rocks a fresh tattoo. She shared the photos of her new look on her official Snapchat account for the whole world to see.

Moments after the photos made their way on the social media application, some users mocked her but she didn’t give them any bit of attention.

Meanwhile, in the heydays when socialite and TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba was madly in love with God’s Plan, the lovey-dovey couple used to be all over the place. They stormed all the cool Kampala hangout places, made appearances at hip events, without forgetting being hosted on some radio and TV stations. Take a look at her new tatto below;




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