Dream Weekend Silent Disco Impresses

The Silent Disco trend is booming right about now and with brands like House Of Djs, Kella and Radio City to usher it to its throne, the sky is the limit. Yesterday was the last silent disco of the year and as they say the best is saved for last, it surely was this time. The venue was Gatto Matto in Bugolobi and as early as 9:00pm, revellers were flocking in and grabbing pairs of headphones to get into the groove. With each passing hour, the crowd grew bigger and by midnight, all headphones were sold out and everyone was in a party mood.


The Djs on the decks were the RadioCity Dream Weekend Djs who included Dj Ciza, Mr Continental, Selector Jay, Benon Dj and Dj Naselow. The Dj lineup made this one of the most memorable events of the year with genres like Old Skool, RnB, HipHop, Pop, Electro, Dancehall, Reggae and  AfroBeat rocking our ears, everyone was in a dancing mood… forcefully.


Some of the celebrities in attendance included Andrew Kabuura, Cleopatra, Brian McKenzie, Byg Kahuna and Denzel. The event ended at 4:30am and no one went home with regrets. We at Chano8 are observing this silent party trend and predicting like hmmmm soon we are going to find silent weddings.

Below are some of the photo moments:

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