DStv Rewards Fantasy Football Winner With Play Station Gaming Console

DStv has rewarded one of their customers Edward Kategaya with a Play station 5. Kategaya an electrical engineer with Bujjagali Energy Limited, stuck with his strategy of avoiding transfers to prevent him from getting negative points as he participated in last season’s fantasy football online competition.

Kategaya expressed his excitement and gratitude towards DStv especially at a time when most of the entertainment he gets is typically from his gaming. Toping the table with over 2556 total points, Kategaya walked away a happy man.

Katerega was given a Play Staion 5 for his efforts in Fantasy Football.

“It is vital to follow up on the players on form. It is better to have many good players than just one good player that is expensive,” Kategaya remarked when asked about the different tactics one should implore while taking part in such competitions.

While handing over the gaming console to the lucky winner, Colin Asiimwe the Head of Marketing congratulated Kategaya, and encouraged customers of DStv to stay tuned for offers of a similar nature. “We definitely have exciting offers and goodies in

store for our customers.”

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