Earring Stacking Is The New Trending Style

When it comes to earrings, we are usually not that adventurous. (Pearls, diamond studs, gold hoops, repeat.) But when we saw this jewelry trend cropping up all over the fashion slayers, I was all ears (sorry). Of course, it requires multiple piercings or trying out ear cuffs more on that later in the style tips.

Out of curiosity, I had to find out more about this accessorizing trend in Kampala. Meeting Faith Plesh a beautician and stylist at Garden City, here are some tips to stack your studs and slay this weekend.

Stack several thin lines

Try the “minimalist approach with fine gold dashes layered on top of each other,” Faith says. This ear stud styling is quiet unique and chic. It’s much better or worth with short hairstyle so that the stud doesn’t get covered off-display.

Combine delicate gold hoops with a stud

Double up on your favorite hoops and toss in a simple stud for a bit of ear intrigue. “Just keep it to two hoops max, lest you want to look like you have debarked a pirate ship,” she advised.

Go uniform with three equal-sized studs

These tiny diamonds are sophisticated enough for everyday wear. Besides, they have an “element of elegance because of the glittering bling” on them

Experiment with different shapes

“This H-shaped earring works best in a second or third hole as it sits on the inner rim of your ear,” says Faith Plesh. Just remember to complete the look with a coordinating stud in your standard lobe piercing.

Try out a noncommittal ear cuff

Don’t have multiple piercings? You can still pull off stacking with the trendy clasp-on ear cuff.

Compiled by Tonny A.U.



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