East African Meat Carnival Returns In Style As Party Animals Have A Mega Blast

Over the weekend, the popularly attended scrumptious meaty food event returned for the first of the East African Meat Carnival series of the year powered by Tusker Lite.

This time round, revelers preferred to dance all night to the Utake music mixes that only DJ maestros Benon and Cisse could perfectly handle as they mixed and played East African throwbacks throughout the night keeping the revelers on their feet for most of the night while others were seen basking to the old school East African throwbacks and reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

For those who’s agenda was the famous meat fiesta, foodies were treated to the deliciously cooked ‘Mutura’s, stir fried pork, roast chicken with the popular Kenyan sausage delicacy Mutura proving to be a house favourite for many who attended Saturday’s meat feast.

As always, it was a pallete-thrilling sight with enough enticing meaty treats to leave ones mouth dripping and salivating as foodies, friends and family came out in large numbers proving that ‘Januworry’ is no worry for them.

Senior Chef, Mark Kaheru did not disappoint his guests as he paid attention to the nitty gritty details while preparing the different mouthwatering meaty recipes that are worthy of being served at five-star hotels with many looking forward to the next meat-up come February.

“The Meat Carnival series have become a popular hangout for foodies and friends. It is these tasty out-door food events that continue to bring us together and I am glad that this is becoming bigger with every episode,” said Cathy Twesigye, Tusker Lite Brand Rep.


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