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Why Did Eddie Kenzo Beat Up Dembe FM Presenter Kasuku?

Eddie Kenzo(Real names Edirisa Musuza) is always as cool as ice as far as confrontations with fellow artists or journalists are concerned. However everything changed today with a blink of an eye when the ‘Sitya Loss’ star pounced on Dembe FM radio presenter Kasuku at his press conference in Laftaz comedy lounge Centenary Park. He had invited the press to discuss his upcoming Nice and Lovely-Sitya Loss concert and the music industry in Uganda.



The whole saga started when Kenzo accused some radio presenters for not appreciating the role played by local artists in promotion of Ugandan culture internationally. He also accused some journalists and Radio presenters for charging artists to play their music and that they instead concentrate on reporting more negative stories than the positive ones in the media.



“Ugandan media has not done enough to promote Ugandan artists as other African countries are doing. For example the Tanzanians hailed their artist Diamond when he received an international award starting from the activities they did when picking him from the venue where awards were being given,” Kenzo remarked.

This was vehemently challenged by the Poko poko presenter who has a record of being provocative in his radio show that gossips about local celebrities especially musicians. He went ahead and accused Kenzo himself of paying bribes to presenters so that Big Eye’s songs are not played.

Kasuku is down

Kasuku being helped by fellow journalists

This enraged the singer who already seems to have had issues with the motor mouthed presenter before as he leaped in split second over the table and grabbed the burly journalist by the throat and unleashed slaps, blows and kicks. The situation was saved by other journalists who pulled Kenzo away and helped Kasusku back to his feet.  A video recording of the drama has already been uploaded on Youtube

It was clear that Kenzo already had some pending issues with Kasuku who has also had altercations with Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniela Atim and also exchanged hot words with Team No Sleep’s Pallaso recently.

“Recently I was in Tanzania and I was informed by a friend that Kasuku on his radio talk show informed the public that I used to pay bribe at Star Tv so that they cannot play Big Eye’s Music which was not true,” .He said

Kenzo who has just returned from a successful European and US tour, had previously sent a video recording of himself where he aired his views concerning the music industry in Uganda. He particularly picked on the subject of Radio presenters soliciting for cash in order to play their music.



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