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Eddie Kenzo Ignites New Debate, Accuses Media For Neglecting Artists

Sitya Loss singer Eddie Kenzo real names Edrisa Musuza was in lecture moods at the just concluded Purple Party Hosted by Douglas Lwanga at club Venom on Saturday 27th December.

The 3rd anniversary of the end of year party attracted a host of local artists and stars that graced the SMS ONE sponsored concert with some like AS Alpha, Bebe Cool, Aziz Azion, Phina Mugerwa, Bella King Saha and Bobi Wine putting up good and electric performances too.

However, when the events MCs announced Kenzo as next performer, the crowd was shocked when Kenzo shouted pullooooo midway his performance signalling the DJ to stop the music (Sitya loss) and then started lecturing the crowd about marketing Ugandan music abroad as he accused local media for not supporting their own artists and doing little to push the struggling musicians.

Purple Eddi Kenzo

Kenzo watches other artists perfrom


Kenzo speaking in luganda, sounded pissed off and also blamed Ugandans for not promoting their own something other countries and their people are doing.

“We have talented people here in Uganda but the problem is our media which is not supportive. Instead they spend time bashing artists”. Kenzo said in luganda amid murmurs from the crowd.

He continued with the lecture for some time giving example of a successful Nigerian and South African music industry which has grown in the last few years before handing over the microphone to King Saha and bouncing off stage to the bewilderment of the stunned crowd.

Purple Kenzo lect

Kenzo delivers his lecture at the Purple Party


The debate later continued when the MCs engaged the crowd with some media representatives invited on stage to ‘defend them selves’ although it was not the best platform to do so.

This comes after Bebe Cool raised a similar case some time back in the year accusing DJs and presenters of playing more Jamaican and Nigerian music in clubs and electronic media instead of being patriotic and supporting their own.

The subject eventually became controversial with Ugandans split into two camps of those for patriotism while other for quality music. The debate raged on for some time with some prominent DJs like XFMs DJ BeeKay and Sanyu FM presenter Fatboy taking Bebe Cool head-on.

We await to see how far this will take. Us for chano8, we will always support our very own come rain or sunshine.

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