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Eddie Kenzo’s ‘Sitya Loss’ Video Goes Viral

Eddie5Eddie Kenzo may not be Uganda’s biggest artist and neither his song ‘Sitya loss’ Uganda’s best video nor song, but one thing is for sure. ‘Sitya loss leka nzine’ is now going viral on youtube and other social media forum. The song whose message is to the youth to enjoy life to the fullest because ‘In life we do not have to fear losses because we are bosses of our own and therefore, we have to enjoy the little life we have by shaking our bodies(dancing) as strong youth we have to enjoy our lives to the fullest.’

The song has won global admiration and acclaim due to the creativity exhibited in the dance and beats of the song. The music video (the ‘ghetto kids’ version) is receiving massive global internet appreciation. So many people around the world are talking about it (most importantly, positive talk)

While the debate on Djs playing Nigerian music over Ugandan music continues, Eddie Kenzo’s latest creation is doing the talking for him on the international scene without even raising a single particle of dust. There has been a call recently to Ugandan DJs and media houses to be ‘patriotic’ and give Ugandan music more airtime especially by Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool arguing that, it took them a lot of hard work and struggle to ‘chase away’ Congolese music and that they(DJs) can’t bring back foreign music to dominate our airwaves.

The debate has been raging on with divided opinion and sometimes the arguments have reached boiling point with the protagonists even calling themselves names and hauling insults at each other. Some have even taken to physical confrontations and fist fights. A recent case in point being that of MC Kats attacking DJs and an MC a one Samo, at Club Venom in            Kabalagala.

Back to the ’Sitya loss’ song which was uploaded by DjDinTV on youtube Jan 31 2014, the song already had over 140,000 views in less than two weeks. It has now garnered over 780,296 views, 5,699 likes, 720 comments and about 110 dislikes from mainly haters and those who don’t know how to dance or appreciate dance. So many of the new fans are also asking where they can buy the song or whether it is available on iTunes for sale.

This is not close to what the likes of Eminem, Rihanna and Beyonce (who was warned by someone not to copy the dance moves) register for their hit songs, but it is massive and indeed a step forward in our Ugandan standards. The video shows young Ghetto children in some kind of a dance competition showing each other ‘how it’s done’ on a dusty road (and boy, these kids can dance). Eddie Kenzo later posted with excitement on his Facebook page; 

“Sityaloss video is going worldwide at the speed of 180+ ,,, ate in our local language abangamba nti simanyi luzungu ebyo byamwe,, kuba nze navva ku street kati ntunda worldwide ate mwe abasoma kati yemwe abali ku street,,wama my fans kip watching the video,, let haters talk”


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