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Eddy Kenzo And Blogger Ritah Kaggwa’s Beef Takes A New Twist

A few days ago, hell broke loose on social media between UK based Ugandan social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa and singer Eddy Kenzo. With no clear reason, using her Facebook account, Ritah attacked Kenzo saying he is a cheat after it was rumored that he has been spending days in the US with another woman who has made him abandon singer Rema Namakula the mother of his child 

This rubbed Eddy Kenzo the wrong way as he took to his Facebook page and attacked the blogger for being talkative and spreading lies about him. Kenzo literally threatened to cut Kaggwa’s lips the day he will bump into her.

In a twist of events, rumors have also started spreading around that Eddy Kenzo and Ritah Kaggwa’s beef comes from way back when the singer was still struggling to claim his name in the music industry. Photos of Ritah and  Kenzo have made their way on the internet to show how she used to house the singer during his travels in the UK. There is controversy already that the two were once in a relationship.

In some of the photos, Ritah and the ‘Sitya Loss’ singer are seen to be cozying up and enjoying enjoying each other’s company although Kaggwa claims they were very good friends who would help each other before they fell out after Kenzo raised to stardom. It is suspected that  their fall out angered Ritah Kaggwa despite her keeping cool for a long time.

One if the leaked photos of Eddy Kenzo and Ritah Kaggwa in UK years ago

Other sources allege that Ritah Kaggwa used to somehow finance the singer who allegedly forgot about her and instantly cut their links

Amidst all these cat fights, Eddy Kenzo’s girlfriend Rema has released a controversial song dubbed ‘Sili Muyembe’. In the song,  she tells her lover to stop hurting her but  rather show her love.

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