Eddy Kenzo Asks Government For Security As He Claims His Life Is In Danger

Singer Eddy Kenzo’s meeting with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is still the talk on people’s lips. May are happy for him without forgetting a few People Power opposition group diehards who are not happy about it.

Following meeting with the head of state, the BET award winner promised to hold a press conference to share more about his discussion with the president, as well as answer all the unanswered questions fans have been asking. The presser held at Mestil Hotel, Kampala on Thursday morning

Although up to now some people are still not happy about his meeting with the president, Kenzo said he couldn’t turn down the offer to meet the big man who personally invited him to state house located in Entebbe

“Basing of the fact the head of state invited me, I couldn’t refuse although some people are not happy. He is the president of this country, a parent, a leader and leadership comes from God. I had to go there because going there helps people who follow me in a sense that if a child who follows me sees a photo of me and the president, it will inspire him to work hard to meet the president too”  Explained Kenzo

Kenzo expressed his excitement of finally meeting the president and said that it wasn’t a wrong decision he made although there are people whom he said have threatened to kill him should he disappoint them and cross from People Power to the ruling National Resistance Movement

It is on that point that the ‘Stamina’ hit maker publicly asked the government to provide security for him because he feels his life is in danger

“I want to take this opportunity to ask the government publically that if they think I am one of the Ugandans who have added value to the country, I ask to be given security  because when I went to meet the president, there are statements that came out from people saying that if Kenzo disappoints us we shall kill him”




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