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Eddy Kenzo Disses ‘Tycoon’ Brian White

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Brian White is the name on most people’s list. He throws around money as if his life depends on it. As most people are all praising him, one musician feels disappointed with him.

Eddy Kenzo is so annoyed with Brian White who he thinks is just excited because of a few dollars but the main reason why the musician is pissed is because the tycoon does it in front of the camera.

“It would make a lot of sense if you give out money off camera. But making a name by splashing money after calling a few journalists is outrageous. He’s not doing it genuinely but rather showing off,” Kenzo said.

He also added that parading people and making some of them even kneel while giving them money is not right.

This is the Brian White guys who parades people and makes people kneel for money

Brian White has been on the social scene for not more than two months and already, he always features on some TV stations and has some journalists on his payroll to always have his pictures and video clips published on every event he attends.

However, he’s not the first person to throw money around. Uganda has seen people like Mike Ezra, Bad Black, Meddie Ssentongo, Judith Heard and the late Ivan Ssemwanga throw even more money than he does.

Brian Whites parading one of the city football teams for money

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