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Eddy Kenzo Gives Fellow Men Relationship Advice

Eddy Kenzo has come out and given relationship advice to fellow men, by telling them ideas on which type of woman is wife material.

The singer who has kicked off 2015 in style with a sold out concert in Gabon and featuring on the Trace AFCON official song, said that if you find a woman who stands with you while you are broke, she’s a keeper.


‘If you have a woman that holds you down while you are broke, then she deserves some of your riches when you get them. If you have a woman who is with you while you having nothing, she deserves everything once you are able to get it.’

He further said,

‘If you have a woman who is with you while you are nobody, she deserves to be brought around when you become somebody. If you have a woman who is with you while you are struggling to accomplish your dream, trust me she deserves to be part of your dream and success when you attain it.’

‘And if you have a woman who remains besides you no matter all your flaws, crazy acts and behaviors, trust me she’s a KEEPER and a WIFE MATERIAL. Don’t take her good heart, love and care for granted. Don’t take advantage of her kindness. Don’t use her and don’t waste her time. Be real with her and give her all the love she deserves.’

Well, I can’t help but be impressed with the depth of the words, whether he was drawing from his own experience or not, it’s truly amazing.

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