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Eddy Kenzo Leaves Fans Yearning For More

Photos by Habre Muriisa

History was made last night as fans from different corners of Uganda and Africa filled Hotel Africana’s parking space to capacity to watch BET award winner Eddy Kenzo live on stage as he held his Airtel and SMS ONE sponsored Eddy Kenzo Live concert 2016. As early as 7PM, the number of revellers was very encouraging and more continued to march in.


Minister for tourism Uganda Mr Godfrey Kiwanda was in attendance too


The numbers can tell that the concert was a successful one


Like usual, the main performances come later, the revellers were treated to the best of live Dj mixes to keep them entertained and this session saw Djs Urban Star, Roja and Slick Stuart and self-proclaimed Uganda’s spin doctor Dj Shiru make some of the people in the crowd get to dance.


Dancer Eddy Wizzy entertaining revellers


Dj Roja and Slick Stuart on the turn tables


Dj Shiru

Comedians Mad Rat and Chiko who were the hosts later took the stage, cracked a few jokes and later gave room for Eddy Kenzo who took over from them at 9:24 PM. Clad in a pair of red moccasins, sky blue fitting pants, a shirt with vertical coloured stripes, Kenzo sparked off his performance singing ‘Kyomisinga’, ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’, ‘Maria Roza’ and ‘Kamunguluze’.


Comedians  Mad Rat (left) and Chiko were the concert’s hosts


Eddy Kenzo



He added ‘Bera Clear’, ‘Stress Free’, ‘Ebidigida’, ‘Dagala’, ‘Zivuga’ and also showcased his skills in playing different musical instruments like the digital percussion pad. He later performed ‘Soraye’, ‘Mbilo Mbilo’ and ‘Balumba’. A special round of applause to Charmant and the Band and Solid Band who spiced up Kenzo’s live performance.


Eddy Kenzo showing skills in playing the digital percussion pad

He then went for a short break which gave room for other headlining artistes like Geosteady and  Lydia Jazmine who performed their ‘Same Way’ collabo, Clever J who made a surprise appearance, Kenya’s P Unit, Nutty Neithan and Mary Bata who performed their ‘Mulimu Ki’ collabo finally Kenzo’s wife Rema Namakula who performed ‘Katonotono’, ‘Linda’ and ‘Kirungi’.


Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine performing ‘Same Way’


Clever J made a surprise appearance


P Unit from Nairobi-Kenya were the guest performers


Nutty Neithan and Mary Bata on stage


Rema Namakula performing alongside singer and guitarist Charmant Mushaga

Eddy Kenzo was later welcomed on stage for part two by a Burundian cultural group which wowed the revellers with their dance moves on stage and their uniform way of drumming. However, the second shift was not like the first as he was just sampling songs to be able to abide with the KCCA law of concerts ending by Midnight sharp.


This cultural group from Burundi wowed the revellers

He concluded with ‘Yanimba’, ‘Kaselengeto’, ‘Nategede’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Yegwe’, ‘Stamina’, ‘Numbe’, ‘Come Over’, ‘Dancehall Party’, ‘Bwaba Muyaye’, and ‘Sumbusa’ songs. When it was all said and done, the singer asked fans to come to Freedom City Mall for an extension of the same concert because time couldn’t allow him finish his performance.


Eddy Kenzo put up a good performance

Some of the celebrities who were in attendance are singers Nince Henry and Nutty Neithan, socialite Judith Heard and Honourable Godfrey Kiwanda the minister for tourism Uganda.


Fans really enjoyed the night’s performances



Nince Henry represented

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