Eddy Kenzo Offers Helping Hand To Mityana People

It’s not easy for musicians to do music and use the same money out of music to do other things but to Eddy Kenzo, this is something he enjoys doing. Maybe because he grew up from the ghettos and has a benevolent heart of giving back to society.

Yes that’s right Eddy Kenzo a few days ago took the long journey to Mityana not to perform but to give back to the starving people after he saw a news bulletin on TV.

“As I was watching news on one of the local TV station, they showed some people in some parts of Uganda that we completely starving without food or water to feed on. This was as a result of severe drought that hit them and dried off all their plantations. This touched my heart so much, I wished I could do something to rescue them from that situation. Because I well know how bad life is without food,” He posted before adding that he contacted some of his friends to see what they could do to save and help those brothers and sisters that were starving.


Kenzo and friends donated food items to Mityana people.

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Kenzo added that the first people who first responded were Mr. Hith his wife Leira and their family and church.

“We were able to give out some rice and beans to a few thousands of families in Mityana districts, serving 4 villages and more areas around the east and some parts of northern Uganda that are facing the same problem of drought and lack of food.” Said Kenzo.

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