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“Eddy Kenzo One Time Begged Me To Perform For Ug Sh 2,000”- MC Kats

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

BET and Nickelodeon awards winner Eddy Kenzo is the ‘man’ at the moment. However, his road to success hasn’t come that easy. He one time revealed to the world how he used to sleep in Nakivubo stadium since he loved soccer so much. On 5th of April,  MC Kats revealed another emotional story about the singer.

While talking about singer Eddy Kenzo’s move of handing over all his International awards to the Uganda Museum for public access an viewing, NBS TV’s MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba went emotional by telling Kenzo’s story to success .

Kats revelled that he used to work at High Table Bar along Kampala road when the little Eddy Kenzo approached him and begged him for a chance to step on stage in order for him to get at least 2000 Ug Shs as transport money back home.

“This little boy came to me and begged me just to get on stage and perform since he was out of transport back home, i gave him the chance and when he performed he got UGx 2,000 from the audience which was his transport back to Kawempe. Since then I have been behind his back and now he is one of the biggest musicians in Uganda” Kats said

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Some time back, Eddy Kenzo begged to perform for Ugs 2000 but now he is begged to perform for millions. (Photo by Habre Muriisa Chano8)

Kenzo has currently won awards that no other Ugandan musician has ever won globally. While handing over his Awards he has won recently at Uganda Museum, the singer also called on the government to finally come out and support musicians who have put Uganda in the spotlight globally. He also urged the government to inject money into the industry to see it a success

“Before Uganda was known to be a country of coffee and Cotton, that is no more now. we have taken the country to another level so we need to be recognised like those that win Gold. Let the government also extent finances in the industry since we lack the proper equipment to have our music produced”  Kenzo said.

He went to add that even if he dies right now, the Awards he has won and handed over to the Uganda Museum will forever inspire others.

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