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Eddy Kenzo Promises Rema An Introduction

A lot of probing surrounded the Eddy Kenzo/Rema relationship with some people saying it will never last three months and before we knew it, Rema was pregnant and rumor had it that Mathias Walukaga was allegedly the father but as soon as the child was born, that rumor seized as Kenzo was all jubilant about the birth of his second born. He posted pics on his social media platforms carrying the child and after named her Amaal Musuuza.

Eddy Kenzo declares his love for Rema

Eddy Kenzo declares his love for Rema

During the Easter celebrations on Sunday, Kenzo had a show at comprehensive show in Natete and was asked what plans he has with Rema which he later responded with “there will be an introduction Isha Allah” an Islamic word translated as God willingly.

And in a related development, Kenzo posted a pic on his facebook wall about how Akon shared his music. “First time Akon to share music from East Africa and guess whose? God is great” he posted.

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