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Eddy Kenzo Releases His Thrilling ‘Owamanyi’ Video

Award winning musician Eddy Kenzo has finally released his Owamanyi video which will definitely thrill fans thanks to the powerful message in the song and the high quality of the video.
‘A powerful person doesn’t talk much,’ which was more a message to those who like to show off and try put themselves at the standards they are not.

Apart from his music the singer recently felt the need to motivate his fans by saying, ‘If you want to criticize, choose your words carefully. Don’t be mean. Don’t make personal remarks. Use kind & gentle words. Do it privately. Otherwise, what goes around comes around’

Kenzo will be spearheading the tourism campaign through songs that will be praising Uganda, will also be visiting several national parks and other tourist-attracting places as well.

There is no doubt about Eddy Kenzo’s tenacity, his ambition has seen him push his career to greater heights against all odds. His ever growing fanbase not only in Uganda but Africa and the world at large is a real definition of where there is belief and hard work the possibilities are endless.

Eddy Kenzo was also recently nominated for the best live act at the MTV Mama awards. ‘TO VOTE tweet or quote #EddyKenzo +#Bestliveact even if you post your own pictures just add on #EddyKenzo +#Bestliveact’ the singer told his fans.

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