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Eddy Kenzo Threatens To Kill Dembe FM’s Presenters

Ever since he became a star, singer Eddy Kenzo’s name has been smeared with a lot of dirt by some people who are probably jealous of his success. Lots of baseless rumours of him being gay and illuminati have been the main talk on his critics’ lips and according to what he said in a Facebook Live video, Kenzo is sick and tired of this and wants to personally deal with haters speaking ill of him.

The artiste who was so outraged in the video attacked Dembe FM’s ‘Talk And Talk’ show presenters Mr Eddy Sendi and Kasuku accusing them of doing nothing but talk nonsense about him every Saturday they host their show. Last Saturday the 21st of October, Kenzo was forced to react because of what they talked about him and other artistes at large.

“I have been silent but my silence is not stupidity and if I was in Kampala, I was going to drive and park at the your premises and waited for you guys to come out and among us some one was going to die. I am warning you. Should you talk about me any more I will come to your station and what I will do there might get me arrested because I will fighting for the name I have made for years.” Kenzo said

It should be remembered that in 2015 Eddy Kenzo and Kasuku fought at a press conference and since then the two have been at logger heads and Kasuku has never stopped talking ill about Eddy Kenzo. As if that that is not enough, when thugs attacked and beat the late producer Danz Kumapeesa, Kasuku came out and spread rumours that Kenzo had a hand in it.

“Dembe FM I am tired. You have abused us so many times but everything always has an end .You have destroyed my name through the years but what exactly did I do to you? You have pressed us against the wall and you have destroyed the industry we have tirelessly worked for.” Kenzo added.  

Eddy Kenzo who is currently on his European tour told Kasuku and Sendi that they were only lucky because he was not in the country other wise had he been in, he would have attacked and beaten them.

  The ‘Sitya Loss’ hit maker went ahead to complain how these same radio presenters have spread rumours that he is illuminati and gay a thing that has tarnished his name very negatively thus announcing war between him and them when he is back in Kampala.


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