Eddy Kenzo Tips Few Fans With Money Despite Having Bundle, Leaves The Rest Disappointed

Singer Eddy Kenzo is not known for splashing money in the crowd while performing at the different events around town and upcountry but he last Friday the 8th of October left fans disappointed after giving a few Ug Shs 50,000 notes to some lucky revellers while performing at Dj Roja and Slick Stuart’s Mixtape Party season 6 that took place at UMA multipurpose hall.

Kenzo was one of many performers headlined to perform and when he took to the stage, he received a rosy reception from the crowd. After singing like 3 songs, he unexpectedly pulled out a bundle of Ug Shs 50,000 notes leaving everyone in awe

The notes were not definitely for show off, he had come in the mood of giving some to the fans although he didn’t give out the entire bundle.

On pulling out the money from his pocket, fans were seen fidgeting to draw near the stage for a chance of grabbing some money as he swung it while performing his collabo song with Harmonize titled ‘Inababa’, amid tight security.

Although the crowd thought that he was going to splash the money in the late Ivan Semwanga way, it wasn’t the case as he chose to give it out randomly with his eyes’ choice. He successfully gave out Ug Shs 300,000 to six lucky revellers, each taking Shs 50,000 before putting the rest of the money back to his pocket

Those who luckily got the money should be hailed for the energy they put in because it wasn’t easy basing on the fact there were like a hundred hands eagerly waiting for just one 50,000 note

“Naye Eddy Kenzo azaayo atya sente” one of the disappointed revellers was heard saying loosely translated as ‘how can Eddy Kenzo take back the money?’

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