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Eddy Kenzo To Release The Official Mariaroza Video

Eddy Kenzo is on the verge of releasing his highly anticipated official Mariaroza video. The singer showed his amazing creativity when he released the first edition of Mariaroza video.

The singer put a funny spin to the video by having two comedians act out the lyrics. Just like how he did the Sitya Loss video by having children act it, this time he got grown up stars to act out the lyrics of the video and I must say, they nailed it with their performance.

The video that is shot by Jahlive has a rural setting to it which not only shows the creativity but also sells it. In just 5 months since it was released, it has already pulled over 1,800,000 views on YouTube alone.

With that said, one can only imagine what Kenzo has planned for the official mariaroza video, though one thing is certain time will definitely tell.

Have a look at the comedy version below.

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