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Edith .K Thrown Out Of Gagamel

Edith K.3Either Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has failed to manage his female lead singers or they are to fault. Turns out Rema wasn’t the last lead female vocalist to be pushed out of Gagamel due to disobedience. Bebe cool says “She didn’t put the rules into consideration as we agreed. I would rather stay with one person who understands the group’s agenda.”

Edith k also known as Edith Nantabaazi the voice behind songs like  yenze oyo and ompisa bulungi  was hired as a replacement for Rema Namakula after she was fired from the group, Now the same fate follows this songstress as she is been let go.

We are no clear what exactly she did to piss off Bebe Cool but we wish her the best wherever she goes.

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