Effective Ways To Become Your Boss’s Dream Employee

Being a dream employee is not really complicated, it just requires a decision and commitment on your part to make it happen. First things first, the fundamental rule of employment is to make your manager/boss successful. Do whatever you are paid to do with a great attitude and avoid being contentious and argumentative, don’t make your boss’ life miserable with petty arguments.

Get to know your Boss; make life easier by understanding your boss. We have discovered that making your boss happier is making yourself happy in a long run, because when your boss is happy he or she will share their happiness with you. But you cannot achieve this unless you get to know your boss better, how he/she fundamentally operates. Know his/her preferences and dislikes in order to help you deliver what he/she needs the way he/she needs it.

Know your Boss’ goals; The biggest mistake employees make is to focus only and only on chasing their personal goals and they forget that there are actually at these jobs to assist their bosses achieve their dreams. Make it a point to understand your boss’s dreams and work towards achieving them. When your goal is to make your manager more successful rather than just yourself you’ll grow as an individual performer, as a professional, and as a part of the team. Expand your empathetic skills, and develop your capacity for leadership. Plus, your boss will likely become your mentor and advocate which will put many more opportunities within your reach.

Be reliable and meet Deadlines; while handling your assignments, be mindful of timeliness and enthusiastically to them. Meeting deadlines or at least keeping your boss in the loop of your progress is vital. After you were assigned a task, she is counting on you to cross the finish line.

Be positive and have a sense of humor; Start a new week and every morning with energy and enthusiasm, walk in the corridors with a smile. Arriving every morning complaining about exhaustion at office is both demotivating and demoralizing. The positive employees stand out and are greatly appreciated. Sometimes the only solution in a terrible situation is to laugh. Laughing at the boss’s jokes is highly encouraged. Being able to keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself, is a refreshing quality in an employee.

Be flexible and willing to learn; Change is a fact of life, take for example technology that changes every single day. As an employee you need to embrace these changes and exploit them to the fullness. Have an attitude and intention to learn in order to be able to propel your career. To easily achieve being a favorite employee learn more aspects within your organization.

Take responsibility for your mistakes; To error is human and to be an expert you must have failed on something for a couple of times that you must its dos and don’ts. But when you make a mistake, admit it and take responsibility in correcting it to minimize harm and ensuring it doesn’t occur again. Your boss will recognize your honesty in so doing.

Be a team player; This definitely requires you to leave by example, turn up for work in time, be optimistic, understanding, avoid complaints and aim at motivating other employees at work. That’s the trick to be a favorite employee.

Be open to constructive criticism; Ensure to take up criticism and present yourself as a positive role model for other employees. Not all criticism is an attack, some is meant to grow you, but you also need to be careful with whom you take your advise from.

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