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Ekky’s Epic ‘Trouble Maker’ Video Featuring A Pass Released

Ugandan singer Ekky has finally released the trouble maker video featuring A Pass.

With Sasha Vbyz who has undoubtedly changed the whole music industry directing, the Trouble Maker video was destined to be a great one. The video which was shot at Garage bar in Kabalagala, a Kampala suburb gives off the whole the club vibe that was intended.

We recently caught up with A Pass and this is what he had to say about working with Ekky.

‘Her manager called me up and is like Ekky likes your music and would like to do a song with you. I thought about for a minute, it was an easy decision because I liked her music too so I agreed. We got time we went to the studio where we shared ideas, we co-wrote the song, I did some editing and it sounded perfect.’

Critics of the Ugandan music industry had better find something else to talk about because it has been pushed further notch higher.

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