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Elly Wamala: Uganda’s Voice Of A Lifetime

Uganda possessed one music icon and that was Elly Wamala. Whereas many musicians possess elements of genius, one person—Elly Wamala — so completely embodied the term
Ever Green that was bestowed upon him as a nickname.


For someone who had and still boasts long-time disciples, Elly Wamala’s story can best be told by his unwavering legion of devotees.

His timeless records remain a main staple of Uganda’s airwaves. Songs such as Viola, Ebinyumu, Sacramento, Boda Boda and Akaana aka kawalya are still firm favourites.

Hearing his fans tell his story, you are lulled to think that his nickname “Ever Green” should be abridged to “Forever Green”. Such is his legacy.

Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare an Associate Professor of Drama/Theatre at Performing Arts and Film Department, Makerere University describes Wamala as “the voice of a lifetime” so much so that when he started singing, everyone else was playing second fiddle.

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