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Embrace Being Single This Christmas

Christmas – a magical time of year when you’re showered with gifts, treated to banquets of festive food and the sound of children around the Christmas tree. well, surrounded by loved-up couples and family members who enjoy dishing out the Spanish Inquisition on your love life! Yes, flying solo at Christmas time can be life testing on one’s single ego.


Negativity isn’t a good colour on anyone, so we’re saying EMBRACE YOUR SINGLEDOM this Christmas and make the most of being footloose and fancy-free there are more benefits that you think! From not having to worry about splitting your Christmas day between the in-laws, to treating yourself with gifts and self-spoils and upping the ante on appreciating your family and friends…a single Christmas can be the bomb if you put the right spin on it.


Being single means you’ll have the freedom to choose where you want to celebrate and who you want to celebrate with. Take advantage of this DP 8888 and accept every invitation that comes your way.


Just because you don’t have a partner to spoil you with gifts, it doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself! Think about how well you have done at work over the year, don’t forget you will not have to return the favour.

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