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Emma Carlos Praises Chagga For Having Kept Goodlyf Together Amidst Criticism From Weasel’s Family

After switching from musician to artiste manager, Goodlyf’s Radio and Weasel were Chagga’s first artistes he managed and he proved his loyalty by being their manager for more than eight years.

And now for the first time, Chagga came out and hinted on some of the things that were happening in the Goodlyf camp without the public’s knowledge and among those he talked about were the endless fights.

But despite all this, Weasel’s mother came out recently and said that Chagga should take a chill pill and go back to music. Matter of fact, she even said he is fit to be Weasel’s father.

Former Goodlyf Chagga has been in the news concerning statements he made about Radio and Weasel.

However, Emma Carlos, who was also one of the managers of Goodlyf during their hey days came out last Saturday on ‘Setula’ programme on Radio 4 and commended Chagga for his role in Radio and Weasel’s career.

“I would like to commend Chagga for all he did for the late Radio and Weasel. It wasn’t an easy task. A lot happened that you people didn’t know. I witnessed so many things for the little time I worked there so imagine what Chagga kept up with for all that time,” Emma Carlos said.

The former Coco Finger, Khalifa Aganaga, Dream girls and Wafagiyo manager came on board to Goodlyf last year and his role was media coordination and social media for the group but he quit after Radio passed on.

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