“Enemies Put Their Concert On The Same Day As Mine”- Pallaso Rants

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Team Good Music’s boss Pallaso has really done a good job when it comes to hyping his upcoming ‘Soma Concert’ that is slated for Friday the 8th of December. This time round it is not at Freedom City Mall where his two previous concerts have taken place but Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.

The hype for his concert is truly visible and fans will have no excuse of ‘we didn’t know’ come D-day. That left aside, on the same day, Roden Y from Pallaso’s rival camp ‘Team No Sleep’ (TNS) where he was signed before but later left will also be holding his ‘Sitani Tonkema’ concert at the Centenary Park, Kampala based Laftaz-Pool Side.

While speaking on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya Programme, Pallaso ranted about people who don’t want to see him prosper as an artiste also setting their concert dates on the same day as his. He called them ‘Abefitina’ Luganda for ‘jealous people’. Although he did not mention names, we got to understand that he indirectly meant Roden Y and the entire TNS.

“My fellow Ugandans where ever you are I have organised something good for you although there are jealous people who have also organised their concert on the same day all in the name of seeing us fail so that our song’s messages don’t spread far and wide but I kindly call upon Ugandans. Even you come two or three, this concert is for my fans and none fans can stay home” Pallaso said

It should remembered that Pallaso did not peacefully leave Team No Sleep following his differences with its boss Jeff Kiwa in the year 2015 and if you don’t know this where do you live?

Since his departure from the TNS camp that has names like Sheebah Karungi, Roden Y,  Blood among others, Pallaso has been at logger heads although we don’t know whether TNS chose to put Roden Y’s concert on the same day as Pallaso’s to decrease on his attendance.

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