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Eric Omondi Thrills Comedy Lovers At The Diners Comedy Store

Like earlier promised that the Diners Comedy Store show was going to be an event worth attendance, it turned out so. Thursday night, comedy and music lovers met at the Bukoto Based Diners Lounge where it took place.

Comedy performances were truly hilarious and fans enjoyed show cases from Alex Muhangi who was the host, Amooti Omubalanguzi, Mad Rat and Chicko, Rwandese Arthur Nkusi, MC Mariachi, MC Kapale and Kenya’s Eric Omondi plus music performances from Sheebah and Lydia Jazmine.


part of the crowd in the ordinary section

Being the host, It did not stop Alex Muhangi to crack jokes for example when he said that Dj Shiru wouldn’t do anything else, if he hadn’t become a Dj. He added that due to Radio’s skinniness, he would be stapled than be nailed on the cross if he was Jesus.


Alex Muhangi was the host

Amooti Omubalanguzi then took the stage, he boasted of how he is the only comedian with a hit song and later performed his ‘Tomaala’ collabo alongside Lady Kasooto. He later invited fellow comedian Professor Kajegere who cracked fans’ ribs with funny news of how 6 people aboard a van were taking a dead body for burial but got an accident and they all died, but the dead body didn’t.


Amooti Omubalanguzi engaging the crowd


Amooti performing ‘Tomaala’ with Kasooto


Professor Kajegere reading his funny news

Mad Rat and Chicko were simply funny. Without minding Bebe Cool’s presence, they cracked a joke on him saying he never throws caps and other things to fans while performing. They gave an example of how Busy Signal threw his cap to fans while performing in Kampala. The two then did a skit of a fake pastor who has an illiterate interpreter whom he tells to read a certain book in the bible but instead reads another and they get embarrassed before the congregation.


Chicko (left) and Mad Rat  were simply funny


The Smile on their faces tells how funny the comedians were


Bebe Cool burst into laughter as Mad Rat and Chicko cracked a joke on him (Left is artiste Chizzo)


some of the revellers who came through

MC Kapale just amused the crowd with his jokes and later asked Bebe Cool for a 50,000 shillings reward, to his disappointment, Bebe gave him 20,000 and he was heard jokingly complaining how he will curse Bebe Cool’s Hummer to turn into a Toyota Vitz as the crowd burst into laughter.


MC Kapale

Rwandese Arthur Nkusi was so brief but he cracked a joke of how vendors selling expired eats collaborate with fellow vendors selling other things like water and drugs simply because the eats will cause stomach complications to the consumer, who will then buy water to use swallowing the drugs to calm down the stomach.


Rwandese Arthur Nkusi


Jokes were on point, DJ Shiru couldn’t help it

MC Mariachi just cracked the people with his simple jokes aimed at the crowd like saying hi to men who were seated next to hot ladies owning expensive smart phones and they were afraid of pulling out their cheap Chinese phones to ask for the ladies’ phone numbers.


MC Mariachi cracking the jokes

The guest comedian Eric Omondi was the last to perform and fans gave him a warm welcome on stage. He cracked them with how it is hard for ladies to differentiate broke men from rich ones because these days men borrow expensive cloths and look cool in them to confuse ladies. He added a joke of how Kenyan athletes face it hard to speak English When they are in international competitions which also weakens their self esteem when they are being interviewed after emerging winners.


Kenya’s Eric Omondi’s performance was truly on point



Eric Omondi demonstrates how Kenyan athletes be like when being intervied in English

Singer Lydia Jazmine later took the stage and performed ‘Same Way’ and her new tune ‘Tukumbe’ and later gave way for Queen Sheebah who performed her ‘Sili Zari’, ‘Tunywe’, ‘Nipe Yote’ and ‘Nkwatako’. Dj Shiru took the fans through the after party with the best of the music.


Lydia Jazmine doing her performance


Queen Sheebah Karungi was simply flawless



Bebe Cool


GQ dancers curtain raised Eric Omondi




Radio City’s Andrew Kabura and Deedan were among the attendees


(L-R ) GQ dancers, Chano8’s Tony Mutengu, Alex Muhangi, Arthur Nkusi and Eric Omondi


Artiste Chizo and the wife came through too


Comedian Salvado performed too


NTV’s Malcolm Musiime and the wife represented

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