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Escape Mission: How Bobi Wine Beat Security In Their Own Game

 As we talk now, artiste-turned politician Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a wanted man by Police after he and his aides over powered police in attempt to arrest him following a demonstration to express their dissatisfaction over the newly introduced social media and mobile money taxes in which he led masses together with some artistes and journalists earlier today.

The demonstration follows their earlier ultimatum to government in a meeting they held last week. At this meeting, they had asked the government to kindly scrap off these taxes by 6th of July or else they hold a peaceful protest which they did on Wednesday the 11th of July.

Bobi Wine was joined by his elder brother Nyanzi aka Chairman Nyanzi, A Pass, Dr Hilderman, producer Dan Magic, NTV’s news reporter Joel Ssenyoyi and NBS TV’s Raymond Mujuni among other youths who were clad in all red T-shirts written on ‘This Tax Must Go’. Their arms were joined together as they matched chanting ‘This Tax Must Go’.

The demo was cut short as armed Police officers intervened and stopped them as they matched towards City Square. An altercation ensued with them over reasons that their protest was causing chaos and bringing work and traffic to a standstill in the city centre.

In an attempt to arrest Bobi and his colleagues, he broke lose as the other protesters tried to protect Bobi and his colleagues from being arrested by Police which they did successfully, while running away with Bobi Wine to an unknown location in the streets of Kiyembe. This is one of the busiest places down town Kampala.

Police officers were seen running after them and searching all malls around Kiyembe but their efforts were futile as Bobi was nowhere to be seen.

After surviving the arrest through wise moves which involved changing of clothes, Bobi Wine was seen once again standing on top of taxis in the old taxi pack speaking on a loud microphone as he addressed a gathering telling people to stand up and say no to the social media tax.

Latest reports however now indicate that Bobi Wine has run to parliament to escape the arrest as Police is on the hunt for him. Please stay hooked to Chano8 as we shall be bringing you more updates as they come.

However, although Bobi Wine managed escaping, his elder brother Chairman Nyanzi was arrested by Kampala Capital City Authority officers

Left to Right is NTV’s Joel Senyonyi, NBS TV’s Rymind Mujuni Mujuni, Bibi Wine, A Pass, producer Sir Dan Magic, Nubian Li and Selector Davie of Fire Base Crew matching with their arms joined together

Police officers trying to arrest Bobi Wine as his aides pulled him away from the officers

Bobi Wine and his fellow protesters in all read protesting in Kampala

Bobi Wine’s elder brother Chairman Nyanzi (in a black sleeveless sweater) was arrested by KCCA officers

As usual, tear gas had to fired

Protesters preventing Bobi Wine from being dragged into the police van

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