Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailed For Giving President Museveni Fitting Jacket

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali was in the country as a delegate over the weekend. He had come to be awarded a Heroes medal and that explains the half-mast Ethiopian flags that flew around the city since last Friday.

After the ceremony, the leader from the North-Eastern country couldn’t just leave like that. He had a big present for his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that has excited many Ugandans especially, on social media.

Dr Ahmed Ali gifted the President with an African blazer made in Ethiopia that turned out to be a fitting one. This shows he actually knows his size because it perfectly fitted him.

President Yoweri Museveni tries out the Jacket which was given to him by the Ethiopian Prime Minister

On seeing this, Ugandans as always turned to social media and hailed the prime minister saying that he should refer whoever designed the coat to the president as they are tired of his ‘sagging shirts and trousers’. The white jacket with red and blue decorations has since become a hit on social media.

In return, our dear president gave the Prime minister a beautiful piece of art depicting Uganda nature with Zebras on the run.

President Museveni intern gave the Prime Minister this beautiful piece of art.

The president has often been bashed for his dress code and a few months ago was compared to Rwandan President Paul Kagame who always wears fitting designer suites regardless of the functions.


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