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Every time I am near a man, I have to make headlines. Leila Kayondo opens up


Ugandan Musician, Leila Kayondo has described herself as the ‘It Girl’ that turns whichever man next to her into a celebrity.

“Every time I am near a man, I have to make headlines. Trust me, if I were to move together with any man, I am just that light………I will still make headlines,” Said Leila.

Leila also set the record straight by saying she’s not in a relationship with SK Mbugga.

“He (Sk Mbugga) is a man of big status and I am also of ….status. So, when they see two big weapons moving around and doing some things together, they start to make noise. He is young, handsome and has got the money but hey, we are just close, good friends and working partners.”

Leila and Mbugga were rumored to be dating but the pair continues to dismiss the claims saying they are only friends.

Leila is currently believed to be working on her ‘Relaxing’ Video with Jose Chameleone.

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