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The Exact Reason Why Moze Radio Was Attacked

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

A lot of rumour has surrounded Moze Radio’s attack that led him into coma yesterday with some information circulating that the whole incident happened around Kampala.

Well, the truth behind it all is that he was attacked in Entebbe at a hangout called ‘De Bar.’

What happened is that the Goodlyfe musician after drowning a few drinks started insulting the bar owner as well as other clients. That is according to a reliable source.

He told us that Radio, after supervising his site in Bunono, Katabi Town Council Entebbe went to the hangout to meet a female friend and after drinking a little too much, he started insulting the owner of the bar and how he can’t afford to buy him a bottle. To shut him up, the owner ordered the waitress to give the musician the bottle he requested and immediately it was given to him

 Like a drunkard, he decided to pour the drink on the floor and also splashed some on the boss and other clients who felt disrespected.

Radio was then ordered to leave the place and it was a few minutes after he had gotten out that he got involved in a fist fight with a certain guy who beat him up. And because he was drunk, he fell on the concrete and sustained head injuries.

He was first transported to Emmanuel hospital Katabi but after realizing that his situation was critical, they referred him to Kampala, specifically Nsambya hospital where the ICU facility was full. It was then that they took him to Case Clinic where he’s still undergoing treatment.


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