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Excitement As The ‘Only Son’ Movie Premiere Draws Closer

With the premiere of the Only son fast approaching one can’t help but be excited about the possibilities of the ever growing Ugandan movie industry.

The only son which has a depth of talent in actors like Bobby Tamale, Wawuyo Micheal, Raymond Rushabiro, Nisha Kalema and Doreen Nabbanja among others was directed by Richard Mulindwa who has proven to be one of the most sought out after directors in the country.

Laid on a hard concrete story line, the movie talks about a rich family doing all it can to secure a better future for the only son “Davis”, giving him a feel of life on the other side of the road, which is composed of hard work and sweat.

The Only Son premieres on Friday

The Only Son premieres on Friday

According to the movie synopsis,

“Davis(Bobby Tamale) is set to face the biggest challenges of his life when his father is diagnosed with cancer. While his father (Michael Wawuyo) is worried about the future of his legacy, all his goods and businesses allegedly get to be frozen due to embezzlement issues. The lavish and careless Davis has to man up and start over again but will he manage his new life on the street even after losing his friends, girlfriend and can’t live in the village as ordered by his father.”

“Failing to get along with the village conditions, Davis now moves back to town; a journey that introduces him to the biggest challenges of his life and people that help him change it completely.”

The movie which premieres on Friday 22 July at the Kampala Serena Hotel is definitely one that will keep fans glued to the screen.

Proceedings of the Only Son Movie Premiere will be directed to EDYAC, a Non Profitable Organization that aims at Transforming the disadvantage youth, and children living with disabilities to realize their full potential to sustain purpose driven dignified inter-reliant living.

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