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Excitement Builds As The Croak and Rhyme Event Draws Closer

With the Croak and Rhyme event approaching fast, people can’t help but be excited about the fun filled event that’s slated to take place on Friday, July 3rd at the Uganda Museum.

There will be performances from musicians like Mun G, Ruyonga, Maddox, Naava Grey, Benezeri and Qute Kaye among others.

Mun G to put an awesome performance

The Croak and Rhyme event which is organized by the 40 days 40 smiles organization is aimed at helping the children of Elohim. All the proceeds that will be collected at the event will help build a dormitory for the children.

It’s amazing when you see some musicians come together for a good cause. Ruyonga, Mun G, Benezeri, Naava Grey, Maddox, Qute Kaye and Jc Muyonjo willingly offered to perform for free so that they could help make a difference in a child’s life. It’s not everyday, you get to hear or see highly talented musicians perform for free.

Naava Grey to showcase her skill.

The 40 days 40 smiles founder ‘Kalenzi Esther’ said it wasn’t easy finding an artist who is willing to perform for free but then you meet those who are more than willing to do it. Words couldn’t even express her joy.

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