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“Expect Fire”- David Lutalo Speaks Out Ahead Of ‘Manya’ Album Launch

David Lutalo’s ‘Manya’ Album launch concert slated to be held at Hotel Africana on Friday the 29th of January is 3days away and just like any artiste who has held an album launch concert, Lutalo is currently up and down trying to make sure that ends meet in order for the launch to be a sell out.

Despite all this, Chano8 caught up with the ‘Manya’ and ‘Kapapaala’ hits singer in a brief question and answer interview and this is what he had to say.


David Lutalo at one of the previous concerts he performed at last year

Chano8: Your song ‘Manya’ did great last year, did it inspire you to name the album after the song?

No, it’s just because it was the first song to be released on the album that is why I named the album ‘Manya’

Chano8: We have seen you advertise a couple of artistes, are they all going to perform?

I have personally talked to all the artistes that I advertised and they all confirmed that they will be singing. Because I have no problem with any artiste, they promised to come and help me that day.

Chano8: How do you feel especially now that the show is 3 days away?

I feel good but God in all, I am ready enough, machines are already there and if one can pass by Hotel Africana, they will see everything set.

Chano8: Do you think this album launch will build you more mileage?

Yes, because the album has other new songs and is good itself so I think it is going to be massive like I expect it.

Chano8: What is different this time round that you will do at the concert?

Smiles, The difference, first of all, things are new, the year is fresh, I just can’t tell you everything here but I promise the thing is going to be so massive because I have been practicing.

Chano8: How ready are you for the album launch/concert?

Am very ready because the rehearsals and practices are done, machines are already there, everything is set and the artistes are ready to come and help me.

Chano8: What should your fans expect at the show?

The fans should expect fire and only fire on stage.

Chano8: When are you working on another album?

I will be releasing another album after the launch.

Chano8: What took you long to launch the album since it got complete last year?

It was planned and I have other songs like ‘Ujuwe’ and other tracks which are new and fresh so I have a reason to launch.


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