The Exquisite KWV Wine Tasting Experience At Nawab’s Asian Bistro

Over the weekend, wine enthusiasts, corporates, CEOs, business owners and media personnel were treated to an exquisite wine tasting experience at Nawab’s Asian Bistro at Acacia Mall Roof top by KWV.

They say there’s so much more to tasting wines than just sniffing, swirling, and sipping. This statement indeed is true and was testified on Saturday October 7th as guests toasted to the success of KWV by unwinding the evening as they mixed and mingled with a variety of wines taking a tour of their palates while they discerned the tastes.

KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa and has a distinguished heritage, celebrated around the globe, of product innovation and exceptional brands. These include Roodeberg, KWV Wines & KWV Brandies, and Laborie.

Top business owners and managers were in attendance at Bistro

Saturday was not only an opportunity for the guests to have a taste of the wines, but also interact with some of the best wine makers, marketers and partners in the business.

The Mr. Jonathan P. Okumu-Ringa the On-Trade Marketing Manager at Vicland Distributors Ltd one the hosts of the evening and Importers of some of Africa’s best wine said, they were proud to be distributors of KWV award-winning products and organised the wine tasting experience to bring together all partners.

This was aimed at sharing client experiences, business ideas and get first-hand feedback from some of the top wine consumers in the country and East Africa at large where the market is steadily growing.

“Our work is mostly to create awareness for the brands we manage, associate with consumers, partners and restaurant owners to create the  premium experience with quality goods that KWV can offer in a more comfortable and friendly manner” Jonathan explained

“We also have the sub-product called Pearly Bay specially blended to target the youth and first-timers. It is mostly sweet wine for the millennial consumers to get an easy start”. He added

Vicland Distributors’ Jonathan, KWV Africa Marketing Manager Stephan and Eine Maker Izele Van Blerk toasting to the success of KWV South Africa Wines

The evening was blessed with the presence of top South African Wine maker Izele Van Blerk whose resp­onsibilities include sorting the best grapes and finding the perfect blends to make the best wines. She flew from South Africa on the day KWV won prestigious awards at the VERITAS Awards to come and meet with the Ugandan partners and share her experiences.

With its earliest roots in 1918 as a small co-operative of growers – Proud Pioneers with the vision to improve wine industry standards and quality in South Africa – KWV has grown into a global producer of over 100 products. It has one of the biggest cellars and largest complexes in the world featuring the world-famous Cathedral Cellar that have produced an award-winning range of products.

The name “Koöperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Suid-Afrika” is Afrikaans for “Co-operative Winemakers Union’ of South Africa”, but today KWV represents a well-known global wine and spirits brand producing a large portfolio of products.

Media and radio personality Crystal Newman (R) enjoying with other wine enthusiates

Jonathan serves a client diligently on Saturday. There were a variety of wines for tasting on the night


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