Facebook Now Accessible In Uganda Without VPNs

Reports from smart phone users indicate that popular social media platform Facebook has been restored in the country after two and half months of being switched off.

Facebook and other social media platforms were switched off a day before the January 14th 2020 general elections by the government because of the fear of the spread of fake election results by some politicians.

Information from a section of smart phone users have told indicated that they have started using Facebook without the different Virtual Private networks (VPNs) which have from the time social media was blocked been enabling them to still access social media.

“I can now access Facebook without using VPN. It seems the government has ended the ban on the use of the platform I the country,” Said a one user who preferred anonymity .

Youth that use the platform to do business in Uganda petitioned the President Yoweri Museveni to consider lifting the ban because their businesses were dying because of lack of Facebook.

It should be remembered that social media was the first to get blocked ahead of the elections and few days later, Internet was shutdown too. After like a month, internet and other social media platforms were restored but Facebook wasn’t until recently.

Peter Ogwang, the Minister of State for Information, Communication and National Guidance two month ago apologized to the nation for the inconvenience  the blocking caused but said it was good for the sake of national security.


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