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Faded Singer Maureen Kabasita Looking For Love On Social Media

The latest reaching our gossip desk from Entebbe is that forgotten singer Maureen Kabasita has turned to social media for love. She says, she needs a man of her own and ready to love her alone. She shared the message on a poetic write-up which is being shared on social media. She also went ahead and shared the qualities of the ‘right man’ she wants in an interview with a local paper.

Maureen Kabasita fell from grace to grass the day she mixed love with business. 7 years back, Maureen was one of the best female musicians with best voices in the land. She joined the once mighty Waterfront band in Entebbe. Instead of using her voice to sing for the fans, she decided to sing for the band owner Captain Kasami – in his bed. The result was a baby. She claimed she had found the love of her life with the army man then.

Maureen Kabasita is apparently looking for new love on social media. 

Her love life with Kasami crumbled when fellow singer Irene Namubiru found her way to the Captain’s heart. In a blink of an eye, Maureen was dumped and this unearthed the lion’s fight between the two. The two singers left the band ever since then.

Last year, faded artist, Maureen Kabasita found herself in a hot soup. After breaking off from the social scene, we thought Maureen had quit singing. She apparently landed on a Ghanaian pastor who is married with three children but living in Uganda.  He is called Pastor John Vendepey She couldn’t hide her rural excitement and started posting pictures of the pastor and her on social media. This prompted the pastor’s wife to come out all guns blazing and warned the singer off.

The message she reportedly wrote to potential suiters which is making rounds on social media

Sources revealed that when Suzan, the pastor’s wife learned of her husband’s outside romps. She immediately ordered him to relocate to the USA so he can avoid direct contact with the singer. Maureen had become a permanent prayerful person at World Restoration Church, in Makerere where John is the head pastor and owner of the church.

Since the pastor’s departure, she has never attended any prayer session at the church which could be the reason she has decided to use social media to search for love.


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