Fallen Singer Mowzey Radio Given A Heroes’ Send-Off

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According to the press release from Case Clinic, on the morning of 1st February 2018 at 6 AM, death robbed Uganda again when singer Mowzey Radio of the Radio and Weasel duo fame breathed his last. This follows a brawl he was involved in on the night of 22nd of January 2018 at the Entebbe based De Bar bar thus sustaining fatal head injuries and blood clot which also resulted into his untimely death.

His family, Friends, workmates, fellow artistes and the general public at large showed their deep concern over the life of the ‘Neera’ singer who was admitted at Case Hospital until the time of he kicked the bucket.

Today the 3rd of February 2018, Radio has finally been laid to rest in Kagga-Nakawuka located in Entebbe district at exactly 3 PM amidst million of mourners from different parts of the country.

It has been and it was a moment of grief as people came to pay their last tributes to the fallen singer who one of Uganda’s top songwriters and vocalists that has proved his prowess in the 10 years he has been singing with Weasel.

Radio’s death truly hurt many as his send off was heroic as he was buried in an army uniform with mourners screaming out his name ‘Mowzey Radio’ while his coffin was being lowered in the grave. He was indeed a complete and loved hero to many.

Like we said, the burial was attended by millions of people who included artistes, audio and video, producers, comedians, politicians among many others.

We have the photos here.

Radio’s mother Kasubo Jane being held when emotions overwhelmed her


Radio’s white girlfriend (right) and other relatives holding Radio’s photos

Radio’s body arrives in Nakawuka village in an ambulance

Singer Lilian Mbabazi who is also one Radio’s baby mothers with one their children at the burial

Singer Jose Chameleone talking to friends

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