Fame Lounge Takes Over De Posh Bar Following Closure Of Business

Through the years, De Posh Bar has been one-go-area in Kabalagala, a Kampala City suburb. It is one place that party goers have been thronging but when it was relocated to a more spacious place, things turned out for the worst. Business collapsed yet the owner had invested so much into the rebranding.

Party animals only showed up in big numbers at the opening night but since then, only a handful turned up and within just a few years, its doors closed to the general public

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We have however learnt that Fame Lounge is taking over the premises, going by the rebranding that is happening on the building De Posh was operating in. There are new logos of Fame Lounge at the entrance, new lights are being installed as well as carpets and information we have dug up has it that it might be open as soon as this weekend.

This is going to be another branch of Fame as another one is located in Kololo along Acacia Avenue

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