Families Fill Uganda Museum Grounds To ‘Sing And Dance’ With Baby Gloria

Photos by Habre Muriisa

With children being the majority of the revellers, the highly anticipated ‘Sing and Dance with Baby Gloria’ concert sponsored by MixaKids an innovative digital publishing platform for e-books and other content authored by children and Movit successfully went down at Uganda Museum Grounds last Saturday. It was a family concert which began as early as 1O AM with many games to keep kids busy.

Mixa Kids awarded some of the kids

Uncle Mixa from Mixa Kids holding some of the gifts to give to the kids  

Baby Gloria was so thankful for the people who came to support her at her concert

DSC_6003 (Large)

Baby Gloria’s concert pulled hundreds

DSC_5878 (Large)

Swimming Pool kept the children happy and busy

Performances kicked off later on at 12:30 PM with the Kids’ performances and amongst them were singers Bashra who performed ‘Ugandan Girl’, Rokimi Girl who did ‘Africa’, although the order kind of changed when Kenvo Lex from Levixone Music performed too.

DSC_5648 (Large)

Bashra performing

Rokimi Girl doing her thing

DSC_5700 (Large)

Gospel singer Kenvo Lex from Levixone Music crew performing

Shortly after, the music performances resumed with Jolly (Baby Gloria’s) young sister who wowed the crowd as she showcased her skills in dancing Ballet and later singer Joy Tendo.

Jolly (Baby Gloria’s young sister) showcasing skills in dancing Ballet

DSC_5748 (Large)

Gospel singer Joy Tendo

Despite the fact that there were performances on stage, some of the children were busy in other things like bouncing castles, swimming pool, Camel riding, face painting name it. Another round of showcase was a fashion one as girls from Happy Kids Foundation showcased different fashion styles and later the curtain-raising session was closed by singers Mercy and Little Tammy.

DSC_5645 (Large)

The Mixa Kids tent was one of the tents that kept the kids busy

DSC_5820 (Large)

Fashion was one of the things showcased at the concert

DSC_6009 (Large)

Gospel singer Mercy performing

DSC_6022 (Large)

Gospel singer Little Tammy

Dressed in a pair of brown Timberland boots, black pants, black blouse and a black and brown coat, the flawless Baby Gloria took the stage alongside the Heavenly Angels dance group. Her performance began with ‘Mwoyo’, ‘All In All’, ‘Talanta’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Holliday’ and sealed her first round with ‘Okusaba’.

Baby Gloria was simply flawless

DSC_6035 (Large)

Baby Gloria performing alongside Heavenly Dancers dancing group

Baby Gloria can play a guitar too

As she took a break, Coopy Bly performed his ‘Sida Mukyalo’ and ‘What A Love’ songs, Lena Price, Levixone, Holly Keane Amoti and finally Ruyonga.

DSC_6108 (Large)

Coopy Bly

DSC_6152 (Large)

Holly Keane Amoti

DSC_6140 (Large)

Gospel singer Levixone

Gospel singer Lena Price (The charged Mukiga)

DSC_6166 (Large)

Hip Hop gospel singer Ruyonga

Dressed in black boots, white pants, black blouse and a blue coat, Baby Gloria took the stage again doing ‘Save A Life’ collabo alongside Levixone, ‘Jangu’, ‘God Wins’, ‘Unshakable’ and later called a few of the kids from the crowd to sing her songs and later presented them with gifts.

Baby Gloria put up a good performance

DSC_6219 (Large)

Baby Gloria gave gifts to some children who sang her songs perfectly

Finally, she performed the recent ‘DNA’ collabo alongside Ruyonga and later had a time to say thank you to all the children and their parents who came to show support to her, putting an end to the concert at 6:10 PM.

DSC_6237 (Large)

Baby Gloria and Ruyonga performing ‘DNA’ collabo song

Baby Gloria’s mother Betty Nakibuuka giving her remarks

This girl was the winner in the fashion showcase

DSC_5726 (Large)   DSC_5678 (Large)

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