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Fans Bleed For Beyonce

Talking of diehard fans, the Queen B fans are taking it to a whole new level as they bleed for Bey. Over the weekend while the diva performed “Haunted” at Tidal’s x Benefit charity concert, she accidentally hurt herself. During the performance her pony tail got caught up in one of her earrings and she ripped it from her ear which caused it to bleed. Watch the video of Queen Bey bleeding below.



Many continue this madness of cutting themselves for the queen

Nothing can stop Beyonce slaying onstage is the new slogan for the diehard fans and they are ready to go miles to show Bey the extent of their love and commitment. The Queen is no doubt a legend and she is still going places.


That is the famous naughty pony tail that started the trouble.


Beyonce touches her ear and continues performing giving her fans a complete meltdown


This fan took to cut deep on the hand and proudly posted it on twitter


Watch the video of Queen Bey bleeding below



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